X-ICAD offers the unique service of digitizing and archiving existing hardcopy x-ray’s into digital format with the aim to create a film-less environment.  We provide both on- and off site scanning services and the distribution of images on CD/DVD allows for large, flexible and extremely cost-effective archiving. Imagine having all your archived x-ray images secure, safe and at your fingertips. X-Ray Scanner Datasheet (125 KB) X-ICAD'S Digitizing System Processes (196 KB)
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Solutions : X-RAY Scanning & digitizing 
THE BENEFITS OF X-RAY SCANNING  No need to file years of hardcopy x-ray films  wasting valuable space.   Films/Reports canít get lost because they are  in digital format.   Image and reports are stored forever on the  system and available for viewing.   One DVD saves up to 300 x-ray films.   No facilities or staff required to manage  archive.   Display the images on your screen the same  way you hang them on your viewing box.   Low maintenance costs.   Top quality scanned images.   Immediate access to information.   Film prints provided on demand.   Search patient data within seconds.