X-ICAD Systems is a company providing facilities, both x-ray scanning services and document imaging services that provides quality x-ray/document conversion. Our executive team has many years of experience converting hardcopy x-ray’s and files allowing clients to move to a paper and film-less environment, adding the beneficial need for off-site storage.  X-ICAD Systems off-site storage facility, offers storage of all medical and/or other records with easy access to your information, while ensuring high levels of security are maintained at all times.  Storage fees are calculated cost effectively and queries are resolved within 24 hours upon an official request for medical surveillance and/or other records.  All data and information is kept confidential, collected, placed in boxes and sealed in the company of an authorized staff member of our esteemed clients.  A database is created with allocated physical references of each Patient Data stored in a Polyethylene archive bag.  A copy of the database is forwarded to the client for easy retrieval of records. In no event will data be distributed or destroyed, unless duly authorized by the client in writing.
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Solutions : Off-Site Storage 
Off-Site Storage