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X-RAY SCANNING  Digitizing and archiving existing hardcopy  x-ray's into digital format.  Read more under Solutions: X-Ray Scanning  DOCUMENT CAPTURE  A range of document and information  management solutions offering scanning  and digitizing, indexing, archiving, and  document workflow.  Read more under Solutions: Document  Capture  CR SYSTEM  A CR System is a process for capturing  digital radiographic images.  Read more under Products: CR & X-Ray  Systems  X-RAY IMAGING  The Hipax medical imaging, archiving,  and communication system offers all  functions needed to successfully capture,  store, view and distribute your facilities  digital images.  Download PDF brochure under News &  Downloads  X-RAY SCANNERS  X-ICAD uses the world leading high-quality  medical film digitizers from VIDAR Systems  Corporation and the iCRCo.  Download PDF brochure under News &  Downloads