As Clinics, Hospitals, Occupational Health Personnel, etc. are vigorously busy on a daily basis with the medical surveillance of patients, retrieval, filing and storage of files, it is an endless process to keep your filing system tidily organized.  Unfortunately there is always room for error and misfiling is an inevitable result. We offer a Solution: Medical Files Assist; Assessment A site inspection is arranged when your current filing system can be assessed and discussed to establish a suitable process to either enhance or reorganize your system to support your filing needs. Database Patients data is captured to establish a Patient database if non exist, else digital data is verified with actual files for elimination of typing errors. Hands-On Each patients file is inspected and content verified.  Misfiling is removed and correctly filed.  All irregularities are noted on the Database. Hand-Over Your data is refreshed, filing up to date, misfiling rectified and your archives tidily organized.
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Spring Cleaning for Medical Files
Medical Files Assist