X-ICAD is the market leader in x-ray and document imaging in the occupational health industry. X-ICAD makes use of the latest scanners and imaging software, which allows archiving of patient and study data on digital media (CD-R’s or DVDs). Our Computed Radiography solutions create a filmless environment replacing outdated film based systems. 
X-Ray image capture is a primary focus of our business, providing you with a cost-effective digital x-ray archive. This is especially useful in departments where medical surveillance records need to be kept for an extensive time period. X-ICAD’s CR systems provide healthcare providers with improved efficiency and an enhanced workflow of a digital enterprise resulting in greater productivity and profitability.
We offer a range of CR and DR Products which is ideal for smaller hospitals, busy clinics, specialty practices and any healthcare facility seeking flexibility that helps them grow.  The advanced CR system offers even better image quality, as well as increased stability and reduced maintenance requirements. Read more...
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X-RAY SCANNING  Digitizing and archiving existing hardcopy  x-ray's into digital format.  Read more under Solutions: X-Ray Scanning  DOCUMENT CAPTURE  A range of document and information  management solutions offering scanning  and digitizing, indexing, archiving, and  document workflow.  Read more under Solutions: Document  Capture  CR SYSTEM  A CR System is a process for capturing  digital radiographic images.  Read more under Products: CR & X-Ray  Systems  X-RAY IMAGING  The Hipax medical imaging, archiving,  and communication system offers all  functions needed to successfully capture,  store, view and distribute your facilities  digital images.  Download PDF brochure under News &  Downloads  X-RAY SCANNERS  X-ICAD uses the world leading high-quality  medical film digitizers from VIDAR Systems  Corporation and the iCRCo.  Download PDF brochure under News &  Downloads