Our digital document solutions supplies a range of document and information management solutions offering scanning, indexing, archiving, and document workflow. Our scanning service caters for all clients, from high volume/low cost to small volume/bespoke contracts. Our experience means we can meet our clients individual indexing needs e.g. high volume automated indexing through to low volume specially created indexing, which can be manual or automated to meet with our clients needs. Most scanning services can be performed either off-site or on-site at any of your premises. Often documents are either valuable, in constant use, or highly confidential.  Either way, the ideal solution is for us to bring people, equipment and expertise to your site, so your information does not have to leave your site. Many businesses are now storing their documents - both archival and current - as digital files. These files can then be stored on a number of different digital media, including external hard drives that can be locked away, or CDs that can be easily stored. Digital Images are also stored on our off site facility, managed by X-ICAD and distributed to you on a secure archive repository, i.e. CD/DVD’s or External hard drives to better maintain documents as records.  Even if you intend to keep your paper documents, it's not a bad idea to have backup digital copies in case of fire or other disaster.
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