FireCR+ Medical The FireCR+ Medical CR Reader from 3DISC Imaging represents the next-generation in CR systems.  The FireCR+ Medical Reader is ideal for small hospitals, busy clinics and specialty practices such as chiropractors, podiatrists and orthopedists—any healthcare facility seeking flexibility that lets them grow.  The advanced system builds upon 3DISC’s pioneering FireCR technology, offering even better image quality, as well as increased stability and reduced maintenance requirements. The FireCR+ Medical Reader was designed to provide the high throughput of an ultra-fast single plate CR system.  With scan speeds of up to 70 imaging plates per hour, FireCR+ Medical Readers keep up with even the busiest clinical environments.  FireCR+ Medical Readers are extremely compact and lightweight.  At just 65 pounds, the system can be used for portable applications as well as in situations where space is at a premium.  A height of less than 5 inches, combined with the ability to wall-mount the system, allows for installation in even the tightest technologist booths.  FireCR+ Medical Readers can be configured for nearly every clinical application and offer full DICOM connectivity.  All imaging parameters are optimized, resulting in digital images that can be enhanced, enlarged, duplicated and sent to any location in seconds with no loss of resolution. FireCR+ Medical Readers can be upgraded in the field, without disrupting workflow.  Customers simply invest in the reader that meets their current needs and budgets, and then scale up as their imaging volume increases.  This unique feature provides maximum flexibility for practices and clinics and ensures that their technology investment is protected. Brochures relating to System and Software: · FIRECR Plus MED Brochure (924 KB) · Digital-X-ray-imaging-overview (3.98 MB) · DX-R PACS Divario SW brochure (2.66 MB) · DX-R-Integrated_components_EN (1.18 MB) · TOP X NR Brochures (X-Ray Generator) (2.05 MB) · Totoku CCL240_e1003 (340 KB) MXD050SP FIXED S.I.D Specifications: > Floor to wall mounted > C-arm rotation balanced and controlled with electro-magnetic locks > + 40 to - 140 degree > Digital goniometric angle indication > Perfect ergonomic system of handles and controls Film receptor: > Cassette capability: from 13 to 43 cm both sides > Patient to Film distance = only 3cm > High resolution fixed grid 60 or 70l, cm-ratio 10 > SID 140 cm The MXD050 SP is combined with a state of the art H.F. generator 20, 30 or 50/60 kW output providing a digitally shaped power pulse to the x-ray tube. Universal X URS - Universal Radioprahic System The Universal X URS is a universal swivel arm X-ray system.  It is easy to operate and permits a swift radiographic procedure, a feature which applies to all conventional exposure techniques an all parts of the body. The system is composed of a floor-to-wall column and a turntable arm with variable height centre.  It allows to take exposure of patients in standing, sitting or laying position. Owing to its compact design Universal X URS is a low-cost radiography system which takes up little space and is quick to install. · Universal X URS Brochure (316 KB) Please contact us for a full analysis of your X-ray and Document digitizing needs.
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Products: Computed Radiography (CR) System & X-Ray Units 
THE CR SYSTEM SOLUTION  A CR System is a process for capturing  digital radiographic images.  A storage phosphor plate is placed in the  X-ray cassette instead of a piece of film.  The phosphor plate captures and “stores”  the x-rays. The image is “developed” in a  CR reader instead of a film processor. The  CR reader extracts the information stored  in the plate and produces a digital image.  The CR system enables you to replace film  and film processing and produce a high  quality digital image. CR can save you  money that you'd otherwise spend on film  and storage.  The CR system can also help you manage  your images electronically - eliminating the  need for film jackets, file rooms, and slow  film retrievals.