X-ICAD X-Ray and Document Imaging 
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We have been providing facilities x-ray digitizing services, since 2004. We have expanded our business to include document capturing and management services in addition to the distribution of computed radiography systems. Today, we are recognized as the market leading company in x-ray image capture and archiving, with more than 1,000 000 x-ray images acquired and our cliental growing daily.  Our high standards, work etiquette and the application of software that meets up with current trends, ensure professional digital archive solutions - but amazingly worthy in price.   Please contact us for a full analysis of your X-ray and Document digitizing needs.
X-RAY SCANNING  Digitizing and archiving existing hardcopy  x-ray's into digital format.  Read more under Solutions: X-Ray Scanning  DOCUMENT CAPTURE  A range of document and information  management solutions offering scanning  and digitizing, indexing, archiving, and  document workflow.  Read more under Solutions: Document  Capture  CR SYSTEM  A CR System is a process for capturing  digital radiographic images.  Read more under Products: CR & X-Ray  Systems  X-RAY IMAGING  The Hipax medical imaging, archiving,  and communication system offers all  functions needed to successfully capture,  store, view and distribute your facilities  digital images.  Download PDF brochure under News &  Downloads  X-RAY SCANNERS  X-ICAD uses the world leading high-quality  medical film digitizers from VIDAR Systems  Corporation and the iCRCo.  Download PDF brochure under News &  Downloads
Our Clients Include:  De Beers Group Services  1. Venetia Mine 2. Kimberley Mine 3. Koffiefontein Mine 4. Kleinzee Mine 5. Finsch Mine 6. Cullinan Mine 7. Voorspoed Mine 8. CHQ Johannesburg POHSOS (Primary & Occupational Health Screening on Site) OCSA (Occupational Care South Africa) - Contractual Agreement Anglo Platinum – Mogalakwena Mine Sappi Fine Paper (Pty) Ltd Lonmin - Eastern Platinum, Western Platinum,                Karee Mine
Company Background  X-ICAD Systems cc is based in Sundra, Delmas town on western border of the Mpumalanga Province in South Africa. Established in 2004, X-ICAD Systems is the market leader in hardcopy X-RAY FILM scanning services and DOCUMENT Management. We specialize in the Occupational Health Industry, and have the experience to effectively preserve your records with the necessary quality required. X-ICAD Systems is the market leader in hardcopy X-RAY FILM scanning services and DOCUMENT Management in the Occupational Health industry. Established in 2004, we specialize in this field, and have the experience to effectively preserve your records with the necessary quality required. X-ICAD makes use of the latest radiographic scanners and imaging software, which allows archiving of patient and study data on single media, such as CD-R’s, DVDs or External Hard drives. X-Ray image capture is done on or off site and is the primary focus of our business, which provides customers with a cost-effective digital x-ray archive with a guaranteed path to a film less environment. In addition, healthcare organizations that have a need to extend their imaging program to include medical surveillance documents, X-ICAD’s digital document solutions, cover all aspects of document and records management. This is especially useful in departments where medical surveillance records need to be kept for an extensive time period. In order to meet the individual needs of our clients, each project / scope of work is personalized to accommodate their requirements as well as budgets. All our employees are highly trained and sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure work is safe and protected. X-ICAD’s CR (Computed Radiography) solutions provide healthcare providers with improved efficiency and an enhanced workflow of a digital enterprise resulting in greater productivity and profitability for our customers. The continued dominance of the CR (Computed Radiology) market and the movement to distributed CR solutions seem evident as more and more facilities recognize the potential workflow advantages of CR. Digital x-ray is well positioned to remain the fastest growing radiology modality, fueled by the strength of the CR market space. Functional and quality coupled with extensive industry knowledge, makes X-ICAD Systems, the ideal choice for any client whom has the need to manage their records and take the next step into the world of digital data. By capturing your records, you not only comply to secure them, but preserve them for future use. Company Values X-ICAD Systems cc subscribes to the following values: Trust Confidentiality Support Respect Teamwork Communication Our Vision We strive to be the preferred supplier through cost effectiveness, quality and efficiency. Our Mission To be a customer oriented company driven by high standards, personal attention and service excellence. X-ICAD Mission Statement: Our mission is to prevent any loss of X-Ray’s & Documentation due to fading and miss filing. X-ICAD assists industries to prolong the lifespan of X-Ray’s, Patient Surveillance records and documents by digitizing it. X-ICAD offers a specialized service in the field of digitizing Occupational Health Surveillance Records and X-Ray’s. X-ICAD is designed to provide an all inclusive service focusing on the client's needs and requirements in saving all occupational health history for 40 years as per legal requirements. • Compensation claims can be dealt with promptly as digital data and patient information is on hand. The products and service we offer have been carefully selected and is the best available, for their quality, cost effectiveness and high value for money.